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An Unforgettable Experience

Voted amongst the 1000 most influential Londoners 2013, award winning chocolatier Aneesh Popat has showcased his creations at Michelin starred restaurants and royalty. Born in Britain and Indian by heritage, Aneesh has fused his mastery of Eastern spices with Western influences, as reflected in his chocolate creations which range from rose and cinnamon ganache to his famous chilli and lime truffle. He studies ingredients, looking at their flavour components to match them on a chemical level, so no matter how "out-there" they may sound, your brain has no option but to tell you that "it works!" 

Water Ganache

Chocolate + Water = Chocolate. Water having no real taste of its own allows for the chocolate to do all the speaking. Aneesh uses high quality and fresh ingredients to make his chocolates. Pairing fine chocolates with water, fruit purées, spices, nuts and herbs means this is all there is to taste. There is no thick cream masking any flavour. There is no butter coating your palate. The result? A beautifully smooth chocolate which melts luxuriously but does not leave a sticky residue in the mouth. His revolutionary approach to chocolate making has resulted in a ganache which contains 40-50% less calories than standard truffles.

Inspired by the technique discovered by French chemist Dr. Herve This, Aneesh has gone on to deliver an astonishing transparency and honesty in flavour. Note his chocolates by their signature:

     immediate high impact flavour and then a fresh clean palate.


Aneesh Popat - The Chocolatier

If everything in the world was made of chocolate - I would have eaten it by now. Ever since I can remember chocolate has been my passion. My love of chocolate led me to devote and apply my mathematical and scientific backgrounds to create the most unique flavour combinations with utmost precision and creativity.

I am self-taught and have since been inspired by many great chocolatiers and chefs alike. I have travelled the world to learn and refine skills in chocolatiering. It is through this that I have developed the philosophy and skills to today be a supplier to Michelin starred restaurants and Royalty. I also have had the privilege to spend time with a 1993 MOF Chocolatier who guided me in the art of sculpting in chocolate. In 2014 I was awarded "The True Innovation in Fine Chocolate" award by The Academy of Chocolate for my experimental approach to fine chocolate.

Chocolate is good for you if made in the right way. I believe in using quality ingredients, and I place great importance on creating chocolate that is in-line with today's health conscious society, without any compromise on taste and indulgence.

Chocolate can make your day, take you to another world full of blissful moments and even give you the feeling of love as proven by experiments undertaken at Harvard University.

I too hope you all fall in love with chocolate as I have.

Aneesh Popat 


Bronze Award at British Level for Milk Chocolate Salted Caramel Spread

International Chocolate Awards 2015


The True Innovation Award, for Innovation in Fine Chocolates

Academy of Chocolate Awards 2014


Top 25 under 25s in London

The Evening Standard 2013


The 1000 Most Influential Londoners

The Evening Standard 2013


Gold Award UK Small Business

50+ Awards 2012


Time Out London

13 October 2015


London Mayor Boris Johnson

‘I chose Boris because he’s been so fun for London – he knows the public humour and plays with that – and chocolate is fun too. The sculpture is completely hand-done. It started off with my mum’s face, because all human faces have the same proportions. Then I got lots of 360-degree shots of Boris to work from. At one point he started to look like David Cameron, so we had to begin again. You blitz the chocolate in a blender to get a clay texture and keep adding and sculpting it. I put too much on his cheeks and he looked 70 to 80 years old, then as it was pared back he started to look younger; it was really interesting.’

CNN Interview

 October 2013


Who will feel the chocolate pinch?

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 Evening Standard - POWER 1000

17 September 2013


 Aneesh Popat announced amongst the Power 1000 - the 1000 most influential Londoners in 2013.

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The Times

"The chocolate truffle that cuts calories".

 22 June 2013