Donation to the children of India

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  • Donation to the children of India

By eating and enjoying our chocolate, together we are making a positive difference in supporting the education, materials and food for children in India. If you wish to make a donation we will contribute 100% of this to our efforts in conjunction with World Vision UK, registered charity number 285908. You can select amounts in £1 increments, adjusting this by quantity.

Naman, 6 and Kundan, 11 are now a part of our extended 'The Chocolatier' family. Together, yes that means along with you, we are supporting these children through their education.

For us, enjoying chocolate needs to be a full circle experience. The farming, the making, the eating and then one-step further, the next generation. Everybody in this project benefits from a process of emotional, mental and social upliftment, including most of all us. We have gained the most by learning to connect with people again, to remember that it only takes time to build relationships and not anything else.

Naman and Kundan are as much your friends as they are ours and they would be over the moon to hear from you. Please feel free to write a lovely message to us in the comments box and we will send it to them.

I look forward to sharing the love.