82% Tribal Arhuaco Colombian Dark Chocolate Buttons 300g

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  • Arhuaco Colombian Dark Chocolate Buttons 300g

This Chocolate is sourced from the Arhuaco Lands and has notes of liquorice and sesame. Created from select-tribal Businchari cacao as per the Arhuacos’ traditions to maintain nature’s balance.

Deeply tuned into nature’s harmony, the Arhuaco growers believe in a sacred responsibility to protect the earth. Your purchase of the harmonious Arhuaco 82% helps preserve their ecological guardian culture and ancestral lands.

The cacao is fully traceable, it is climate neutral, carbon negative and grows three trees per 2kg we use. These programmes empower farmers by paying a living wage. In turn, these farmers become financially independent and provide for themselves and their families, and can decide on their own future.

These chocolate buttons are great to bake and cook with or even to make your own confections. Your recipes will always taste superior when using the best quality ingredients.


Arhuaco Colombian Dark Chocolate (Cacao Mass, Sugar, Cacao Butter). Min cocoa solids 82%.