27th May 2015 | Posted by Aneesh Popat

Catering School Visit

On Thursday 7 May I visited the Catering Department at a Hertfordshire based College. I conducted a class with the students and a second demo in front of invited guests. The students were warned before hand that I love chocolate and take it very seriously. I pushed them to really grasp the essence of chocolate science and encouraged them to both keep perfecting their tempering technique but also to keep on pushing their boundaries - something not all of us like to do when it comes to the "complex" topic of chocolate. "What's the worst that can happen? It will always taste of chocolate!", I convinced them!

They were a great bunch and I think I was more inspired by them then they of me. They had a great hunger for knowledge and also had sense of direction with their careers. One was a forager, one wanted to go into chocolate work, a few into pastry and the rest into a hot kitchen. Here is what they thought:

‘I thought the demonstration was brilliant and interesting, as we were allowed to get hands on with the chocolate and we learnt new things.’

‘I really loved the Chocolate demo Aneesh was great at explaining where Chocolate came from and his passion for it and I made some lovely truffles.’

Feedback from the guests was also very positive as the following comments show:

'Just to say that the chocolate show last night was brilliant. We got to try all sorts of samples of chocolates."

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