Chocolate Creations at The UK Chocolate Academy
13th Mar 2018 | Posted by Aneesh Popat

Chocolate Creations at The UK Chocolate Academy

These chocolates really bring me back to my love of maths! If only teachers were also chocolatiers... learning maths with an abacus like this would really have grabbed my focus! Only thing is....  i would only have learnt my subtractions!!! chocolate!!
12th Apr 2017 | Posted by Aneesh Popat

Losing your temper: The seeding method.

Losing your temper.The seeding method.The natural beauty of wild cacao crystallisation.We all lose our temper sometimes, at worst of times it can really affect your relationships and even your career. At other times it can be worse… a lot worse… it can ruin your batch of chocolate truffles!So when you feel the heat rising and the temper is about to blow… stop everything and take a moment alone before reacting. This in itself will help you regather. But now that you have stopped, what to do! …