12th Apr 2017 | Posted by Aneesh Popat

Losing your temper: The seeding method.

Losing your temper.

The seeding method.

The natural beauty of wild cacao crystallisation.

We all lose our temper sometimes, at worst of times it can really affect your relationships and even your career. At other times it can be worse… a lot worse… it can ruin your batch of chocolate truffles!

So when you feel the heat rising and the temper is about to blow… stop everything and take a moment alone before reacting. This in itself will help you regather. But now that you have stopped, what to do!?

Time, Temperature, Movement

Take your time… Slow your heart rate down... We all get in a panic and a bit of a fluster. Let the oxygen in and keep calm, it will only help the situation. Start with 500g of broken chocolate. Melt 350g in a ban-marie on a slow heat. Time is important in tempering. The chocolate should reach over 45*C but no more than 50*C.

Count & be measured: keep an eye on the temperature and on the time. Once fully melted add the remaining 150g and take the bowl off of the pan. We are aiming for the chocolate to cool down to 29-31*C.

Get moving: Keep the chocolate moving so as to agitate the crystals in the cacao butter. This will both allow the solid chocolate to melt out and cool the already melted chocolate. Once the chocolate cools to 29-31*C you have tempered chocolate!

Patience is one of the most important qualities of a chocolatier. If you feel as if you struggle with this keep a few chocolates back from the last batch and be sure to enjoy!

... oh and as I always say... if it just does not work, pour twice as much hot milk over the chocolate and blend. The perfect recipe for hot chocolate! You'll be loved in the home, all the same!


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