Colgate Chocolate Lips
19th Mar 2020 | Posted by The Chocolatier

Colgate Chocolate Lips

Colgate commissioned Aneesh to develop a red chocolate lip which would conceal behind it a new-to-launch toothpaste held by a beautiful printed smile. The chocolate lips had the colgate instagram tag @colgateuk and hashtag #PoutFree engraved on to them. Made from a red tinted luxury white chocolate this chocolate lip stretched a generous 23cm!
4th Nov 2014 | Posted by The Chocolatier Team

The True Innovation in Fine Chocolate Award - October 2014

Aneesh Popat has been awarded "The True Innovation" award for his contribution to innovation in the fine chocolate industry. He was thrilled to receive the award as it demonstrated the industry's recognition for, essentially a mathematicians ability to make exquisite and revolutionary chocolate.As you can see his mum was most proud!
4th Nov 2014 | Posted by Aneesh Popat

Luxury Yacht Chocolates

The Chocolatier becomes a supplier to one of the most luxurious Yachts in the World.