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Red Hearts

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Delicious cranberry ganache and cranberry jam chocolate bonbons! :)

Whether you fall in love or fall in chocolate ... the feeling is quite the same!

that heart shaped feeling

that shiny feeling

that topsy turvy feeling

that melting feeling

that sweet and sometimes bittersweet feeling

that blissful feeling

that pure joy feeling

Chocolate Creations at The UK Chocolate Academy

These chocolates really bring me back to my love of maths! If only teachers were also chocolatiers... learning maths with an abacus like this would really have grabbed my focus! Only thing is....  i would only have learnt my subtractions!!! chocolate!!

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Losing your temper: The seeding method.

Losing your temper.The seeding method.The natural beauty of wild cacao crystallisation.We all lose our temper sometimes, at worst of times it can really affect your relationships and even your career. At other times it can be worse… a lot worse… it can ruin your batch of chocolate truffles!So when you feel the heat rising and the temper is [...]

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Fortnum & Mason Launch May 2016

It is with great excitement we launched our chocolates in Fortnum & Mason in May 2016.For the first time our loose range of water ganaches were made available in central London.Fortnum & Mason is a regal store situated in the heart of Piccadilly and houses a collection of the finest chocolates in the World. Eight of our water ganaches [...]

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Selfridges Launch - Meet The Makers 2015

We are thrilled to be part of Selfridges' Meet The Makers 2015.We have launched a whole range of exciting products as well as our newly branded items in their fabulous food halls. We will be in London, Birmingham and Manchester sampling our chocolates so please come and see us so we can spend time with [...]

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Beetroot, Cabernet Sauvignon Vinegar & Hazelnut

Fresh beetroot growing in The Chocolatier gardens.When faced with a Michelin starred chef, our chocolates really need to be something special. After all, they are trusting their petit four range on our flavour understanding and attention to detail. I love spending time working out flavours with the chefs we work with - it is like [...]

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Catering School Visit

On Thursday 7 May I visited the Catering Department at a Hertfordshire based College. I conducted a class with the students and a second demo in front of invited guests. The students were warned before hand that I love chocolate and take it very seriously. I pushed them to really grasp the essence of chocolate [...]

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The True Innovation in Fine Chocolate Award - October 2014

Aneesh Popat has been awarded "The True Innovation" award for his contribution to innovation in the fine chocolate industry. He was thrilled to receive the award as it demonstrated the industry's recognition for, essentially a mathematicians ability to make exquisite and revolutionary chocolate.As you can see his mum was most proud!

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Luxury Yacht Chocolates

The Chocolatier becomes a supplier to one of the most luxurious Yachts in the World.

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The Chocolate Library - Selfridges & Co. London - April 2014

We are now in Selfridges Chocolate Library housing our collection of bars to display the World's best chocolate bars!

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