Our big launch in Fortnum & Mason
18th Oct 2019

Our big launch in Fortnum & Mason

Our big launch in Fortnum & Mason

For the past few months we have been working on a fantastic project which has been an honour. Fortnum & Mason based in London's Piccadilly recently relaunched their confectionery counter with style! The marble topped counters are lit beautifully by glass lamps blown into the shape of cacao pods. A never ending tap of chocolate runs waiting for hot chocoolate enthusiasts and an incredible 200+ range of bonbons sit poised for a kiss.

We were asked to create a range of unusal flavours including Knickerbocker Glory truffle, inspired by the dessert which was invented in the building.
There are new pralines, laced with brazil nut and vegan caramels dusted in cocoa as well as an assortment of our water ganaches.

The eye catching barks tower high and come inthe most incredible flavours - from bakewell tart, to pretzels and popcorn rockyroad to a healthy hemp and pumpkin seed.

But the range which has had everyone talking are the shiny domes! These beautiful glass like domes of chocolate are filled with ganaches and jams in a completely new array of flavours. There is a passion fruit guava milk chocolate ganache, Fortnum & Masons' own ling heather honey ganache topped with apricot jam and even a banoffee ganache. The best thing of all is that the colours are 100% natural. Chlorophyl and spirulina for the greens, tumeric for the yellows and cabbage for the pinks! Till date I stayed away from lots of colour as it was not fitting for my style and ethos but now we have managed to find a healthy and natural way!

Please share this with a loved one and take a day out in chocolate heaven!



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