2nd Nov 2014 | Posted by Aneesh Popat

Daily Express - June 2013

On one of the mornings in June 2013 I awoke to read these lines in the Daily Express:

"Best bar none, Aneesh Popat's chocolates isn't fattening",

an article explaining the superbly low calorie content of our chocolate truffles. (it is in fact the case that it is more fattening to eat an apple than two of my milk chocolate salted caramel water ganaches!!)

I was excited to finally have a piece written about us. Something I struggled to have done with relentless emails to newspapers. This article came off of the back of a chat I had engaged in with an unlikely snoop reporter I had earlier met that week.

The following morning I awoke to being tagged on facebook in articles from around the World in every language you can imagine. Our business had finally had its voice heard and we were well and truly on the map!

This was massive for us as it gave us the International reach we had only dreamt of. Previously I had imagined a quite summer and here I was with orders from all corners of the globe.

We learnt a great deal that year - including how to package chocolates to travel long distances in extreme heat, such as to Dubai and to Sydney. This was a key moment for us as it gave us the knowledge and confidence to operate in any weather condition.

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